Square Dancing Is Heart Healthy

Looking for Low Impact Aerobics? High Cardio? Memory and Retention Improvement? Brain Health?

Introducing:    SQUARE DANCING

Yep.. who knew?

Your Doctor Does… Ask ‘Em!

Square Dancing is heart healthy, aerobic, and brain healthy, too!

WAIT… Square Dancing isn’t that old stuff that your Granny did…

…It, too, has changed and progressed… just like YOU!

Yep, new music…

…A greater focus on the choreography and movements rather than the “swap and swinging”…

…As added benefits, Square Dancing is great for networking, making new friends, and allowing your friends and family to join right in, too…

Here’s some other interesting facts:

Square Dancing is the Only Truly AMERICAN Dance Form – dating back to the combining of other dances from the aristocrats of George Washington’s day and the dances of the common folks across the good old U.S.A.

Square Dancing is “called” (directions for the dancers are “calls” from the “caller”) in English around the world – Yep, even our friends in Japan, Germany, or elsewhere around the world “call” in English

Square Dancing is organized, that is, there are clubs, councils, federations, events locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally can participate in… Every dancer is welcome

Square Dancing is no longer “learn by fire” by just getting on the dance floor and “we’ll show you how (read that as we’ll drag you through)” Instead, many clubs and caller’s offer short dance classes aimed at teaching you the movements in a meaningful organized manner. Once you graduate from the lessons, you are welcome to Square Dance anywhere in the world!

Square Dancing is focused on FUN! Yes, there are square dance cruises, dance weekends, dance weeks, vacation resorts in various parts of the U.S.A. and other parts of the world, and dances nearly every night and weekend of the year… somewhere!

If you think this sounds like some FUN that you would like to experience…

Simply email me your name, location, and contact information. We’ll begin a conversation and seek to match you with the most current information in your area on dates and times of events, lessons, caller’s, and all that you will want to know to enter the amazing world of Square Dancing!




Tired of the B.S.?

You Can't Hide!
You Can’t Hide!

Tired of the B.S.?

Every guru in the world has a different “secret”, a new shiny “program” that will totally fix your world, simple stuff that makes everything OK with the simple push of these three buttons…

…OK, let’s cut through the B.S….

…If it’s too good to believe, then your gut is telling you it won’t work… but your head is telling you, “Yep, this might be the one…”


Let me give it to you straight…

…If all that stuff worked, everybody would be doing it!


…I know that was like a slap to the head… but really, how do you think those guru’s made their millions?

It wasn’t by selling or giving away their “secrets”…

OK… here’s some more Truth…

I have been in Marketing and Advertising for a lot of years, even teaching it at College-Level, and KNOW what works…

I know the psychology behind it, the things that work and the things that don’t, and how to test your current methods for maximum results!

Does it work?

Well, I was honored with an award from Suzuki of America for a motorcycle campaign that sold the most motorcycles in America one summer, another client increased bottled water sales 36 percent with my strategies, heck, I was even selected as the U.S. Small Business Administration Journalist of the Year for my efforts in that arena…

But enough of me, what about you?

Are you just starting out or selling 10M worth of product now?

Do you have marketing programs that just are NOT producing returns?

Have your clients gone to the provider down the street and you don’t know why?

Or, gosh darn it, this business of yours is killing you with the hours, decisions, involvement, and trapping you to your chair so you never see your family and can’t remember what a vacation is?

If you said “YES” to any (or all) of those… then we need to talk…FAST!

I can help you get out of all this… and to the freedom, success, and results you have only been dreaming about…


Let’s talk…


Country Dance Parties – Booking Now!

New Country Dance Parties ~ Music and Dancing For FUN!
New Country Dance Parties ~ Music and Dancing For FUN!

If you like music, chances are, you and your friends are in for an awesome time with New Country Dance Parties(c)! Eddie Powell, former radio DJ and Nationally Known Entertainer, brings the music, the instruction, and puts the party together for you…

Raise some money for your charity, grab some friends for your own party, enjoy dance fun for all ages at your wedding or corporate events, reunions are a lot more fun with the music of your era, make some memories with the father-daughter or mom-son dances, even your church can throw a great time together for families, singles, or couples only.

Hey, do you own a club, a meetup group, or want to network in a whole new way?

Holidays become really memorable with music, dancing, and FUN!

Clear your date now…


BMI/ASCAP Licensed

Traveling the USA… Making Dancing FUN Again!