Content Writing

Does your business or organization strengthen relationships with your clients with newsletters, ezines, social media, or podcasts? Radio or television in your marketing strategy? Need a sales brochure, catalog, or some materials for your next event?

Your words matter!

It is the difference between being ignored or not only gaining their attention but causing their action.

Sure, some kid in English class can put something together BUT do they understand the psychology behind their choice of words, the message, the tone, and how to gain access to your targeted persons’ top-of-mind awareness?

Yes, that sounds complex… and it is.

That is exactly why you do NOT want to trust your marketing, your message, and your relationships to just anyone.

Hello. I’m Eddie Powell, MBA… I have been the U.S. Small Business Administration Journalist of the Year, won awards for marketing including a radio campaign from Suzuki of America for selling the most motorcycles in America one summer, and another client increased their bottled water sales 36 percent in one month… 

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